Feel Good Food:Protein Flapjack Yoghurt Bowl

Staying on top of your daily macro goal can be hard, especially during that afternoon slump at work. We’ve partnered up with Instagram fitness chef, Lizzie Dale, to inspire you with creative protein hacks that will help you to stay on track and power through those moments of weakness.

Try this simple recipe to mix up your normal yoghurt, and make sure to tag us with your creations!




1) Halve 5 strawberries and place in the base of your bowl
2) Cover with 100g of fat free Greek yoghurt
3) Grate a small amount of chocolate onto the yoghurt - or a generous amount if you’re needing to settle those afternoon cravings!
4) Drizzle honey or a sugar-free syrup of your choice (optional)
5) Thinly slice your For Goodness Shakes Protein Flapjack
6) Dip your flapjack and enjoy!

Insta Tip: For Instagram worthy photos, try using a uniquely shaped bowl – and don’t forget to tag us @forgoodnessshakes with your #FeelGoodFood creations.