7 Protein Myths That You Need To Shake Off

Protein is such a fundamental building block for an energised, healthy lifestyle, yet it is so often misunderstood. From the benefits it has for your body to the best ways to incorporate it into your daily routine, this article separates the fact from the fiction when it comes to the everyday power of protein.


1. MYTH: Protein is just for muscle building

THE REALITY: While protein is often discussed in the context of 'bulking up', its purpose is far, far greater than that. True, if you are looking to fuel muscle growth and boost your strength, you're not going to get very far without protein power. But limiting its function to JUST muscle building is a bit of an insult to how much these handy chains of amino acids actually do for your body.

Protein is responsible for building and repairing the tissue that makes up every one of your organs. It gives structure to your bones and fuels your immune system. It's kind of a big deal, even if guns and gains aren't your game.

Still don't believe us? Learn more about what protein does for your body here

2. MYTH: Protein makes you put on weight

THE REALITY: Given the association some people make between protein and 'bulking', the misconception that it contributes to weight gain is not hugely surprising. The truth, however, is that adding more protein to your diet is only likely to drive an increase in weight if your main sources of it are high in fats and sugars - which they don't need to be!

In fact, a healthy, protein-fuelled diet is actually more likely to help you lose rather than gain weight. Proteins fuel your metabolism, helping you to burn more fat and therefore making weight loss easier. Proteins also boost your body's levels of weight regulating hormones like Cholecystokinin and Peptide YY, which leads to a drop in appetite and a decrease in those pesky snack cravings (source). 

3. MYTH: You can only get protein from meat & dairy

THE REALITY: One of the most commonly-quoted downsides of a vegetarian or vegan diet is that you risk protein deficiency. While cutting out common go-to protein sources like white meats, eggs and milk does mean you have to seek alternative options - there are plenty of those options available. Going vegan definitely doesn't mean you can't get enough protein.

Some highly effective non meat and dairy protein sources include nuts and seeds (almonds and walnuts are particularly protein plentiful) or beans and pulses, e.g. soy beans or lentils. Beyond that, protein shakes offer a super convenient option. Check out our Plant Protein Shake for a great way to incorporate more protein into a vegan diet. 

4. MYTH: Protein is just for BEFORE your work-out

THE REALITY: Protein is not just about preparation and fuel before activity, but it is key to a safe and sustainable recovery afterwards. Whether you've hit the gym or had a particularly busy day at work, your body's cells need protein to re-energise, repair and stimulate the growth of new tissue. Protein allows you to reset, recharge and go again.

We designed a dedicated Recovery Shake exactly for this purpose. For Goodness Shakes Recovery contains the scientifically proven 3:1 Carb:Protein ratio to help you beat the fatigue

5. MYTH: There's no such thing as too much protein

THE REALITY: The key to any component of your diet is moderation. Protein is no exception. You can certainly go overboard with your protein intake, but this tends to mostly be a problem if your protein sources are also high in fats, salts or sugars. The other thing to keep in mind on this front is your protein frequency. If you overload on protein in one big go (e.g. if you try to achieve your total daily protein levels over breakfast), your body won't really thank you. Given that the body can't actually store protein, little and often is actually best to provide yourself with more constant, consistent fuel. 

6. MYTH: Protein shakes are just for gym-buffs

THE REALITY: Protein shakes are for anyone - not just gym-goers, weight-lifters and athletes. From busy parents to park joggers, long shift workers to social butterflies, protein shakes offer a super convenient, effective and tasty option for providing your day-to-day protein fuel.

Here at For Goodness Shakes, we've gone one step further to make sure our drinks provide the easiest way of finding your on-the-go fuel. You don't even need to mix up our protein shakes... just grab and go!   

7. MYTH: Protein shakes don't taste good

THE REALITY: While it's hard for protein shakes to taste as good as a thick, ice-cream milkshake with lashings of whipped cream, we are proud of how our protein shakes actually offer a delicious drink option. Across our range of Protein Shakes, we stock a variety of tasty flavours, including chocolate, salted caramel and strawberry.

And if that doesn't tickle your taste buds just yet, we've also teamed up with Insta chef Lizzie @eat_live_love to create some original recipes for breakfasts, baked goods and delicious snacks using our protein shakes. 

Protein-Fuelled Recipes

Vegan Choc Orange Protein Rice Pud

Rice pudding is hearty and comforting goodness, perfect for cold and rainy days. Our vegan rice pudding is packed with protein, suitable for breakfast, dinner or anytime you like!


Chocolate & Irish Cream Brownies

Our Insta-chef Lizzie Dale has created yet another mouth watering dessert for you all to enjoy, combining our Chocolate Protein Shake with Irish Cream Coffee Syrup. 


Strawberry & Blueberry Protein Oats

Want to brighten up your day with an easy and colourful breakfast treat? This strawberry and blueberry baked oat recipe will do just that. 


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