What's the difference between For Goodness Shakes Protein & Recovery Shakes?

Our two headlining products here at For Goodness Shakes are our Protein and Recovery Shakes. Both are delicious and specially-formulated on-the-go drink options… but which is for when? Which is for what? In this article, we help you spot the difference between these For Goodness Shakes fan favourites and understand how to incorporate both into the perfectly powered everyday lifestyle.

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PROactive Shake

Our Protein Shakes are designed to set you up for whatever life throws at you. They help to prepare you for activity and exertion and provide a helpful energy pick-me-up.

Partner your breakfast with a shake to get your get-up-and-go up and going. Grab one on your commute or as you walk between meetings. Refuel over lunch to gain a midday pick-me-up. Or why not fight that pesky mid-afternoon slump with a healthier alternative to a crash-creating caffeine boost?

Protein Shakes are the perfect, flexible, on-the-go solution, whenever works for you. 


REactive Shake

Our Recovery Shakes are all about building you back up when life wears you down. They guarantee refreshment whenever and wherever you need it most, whether it's after a run, a HIIT workout, a game of sport or even a long day's grind.

Following exercise, either as you cool down or travel home,  swap out your water for a Recovery Shake to refuel, hydrate and help your muscles recover.

Recovery is all about winding down after exertion and preparing to go again. It is the perfect anytime, anywhere companion to help you bounce back after activity.



Powers a Healthy Lifestyle

For Goodness Shakes Protein Shakes have numerous wide-ranging benefits for boosting your health and wellness and crafting a balanced, supported diet.

There is a common misconception that protein shakes are just for muscle growth and 'bulking up'. While - of course - protein does help strengthen, maintain and grow your muscles, its benefits are much more wide-reaching than that. Protein also helps your organs to function properly, regulate your metabolism and strengthen your bones.

Our Protein Shakes contain the perfect serving of protein, as well as offering hydration, nutrition and, as a bonus, a delicious beverage option!     


Refuels & Repairs After Exercise

Our Recovery Shakes help your muscles to recover better, faster and more safely after exercise or exertion.

They provide the nutrients your body needs to replenish its energy stocks (we'll explain how later) and the raw materials your body needs to repair muscle damage.

They are also brilliantly hydrating. Because the shake contains milk, which contains electrolytes. This means that our Recovery Shakes are more efficient than just water at restoring fluid balance and fast-tracking recovery.

Not only that, Recovery contains the optimal 3:1 Carb to Protein ratio (more on that below).



High in Protein, Low in Fat

With 25g of premium quality whey and casein milk protein rich in branched-chain amino acids and glutamine, our Protein Shakes are the optimal high protein, low-fat delicious shake.

And, as if that isn't good enough, they also contain vitamin B12, Niacin and Riboflavin to help reduce tiredness and fatigue, Vitamin D and Calcium to support healthy bones. 

They also contain no added sugar, making them a fantastic nutritious, on-the-go option.


The Perfect Carb:Protein Ratio

Our Recovery Shakes have been created to provide the perfect 3:1 carb to protein ratio, which is the ideal blend for your body to ingest to aid post-exercise recovery. The carbs help your body to replenish its used-up energy stores, then protein provides the amino acids needed to repair muscular damage or strain.

They also contain Vitamin B12 + Niacin (handy for the creation of new cells) and Vitamin D (protects against muscle damage).  Essentially, Recovery is a recipe for refuelling the right way! (Source)