GoodGym | Things Were Heating Up in The Kitchen!

On our 6th run with GoodGym, we helped out in the Bermondsey Community Kitchen.
We started off with a little warm up and then had a little jog down to the task where we were greeted by Shannon who manages the facility. Shannon explained to our For Goodness Shakes team the work they do. As well as being the local cafe, Bermondsey Community Kitchen is a non-profit community organisation with a main aim of training people in a cookery qualification and support them into employment. 
The Task
Our main task was unfortunately not cooking or food prep but a much needed paint job instead! A few members of GoodGym visited a few weeks ago but only managed to do half of the room so it was our job to finish it off!  Everyone grabbed a brush or roller and got stuck in! Thankfully no 'Picasso' skills needed, just a lick of paint to brighten up the place! 
After a half hour, our work was done and the kitchen looking good as new!
Then the clean up commenced!  It's almost impossible not to get paint where it shouldn't be. A few splats of paint ended up on the floors, chairs, counter tops, people's hair and clothes.... but thankfully it was water-based paint and washed off pretty easily. 
Once everything was cleaned, we set off to the park to finish our run with a few exercises. Who doesn't love an outdoor workout in the sun?! 
This run marked our one year anniversary with GoodGym, we've completed a wide range of tasks from picking litter by the Thames to tidying up a charity shop. Can't wait to see where our next run brings us.. 
If you'd like to find out how you can get involved with Good Gym, you can head to their website for more information

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