3 Ways to Make Your Workouts More Effective

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Monitor your heart rate

One of the benefits of group fitness is that you don’t have to plan what to do during your workout, there’s an instructor for that, right?

The benefit of group fitness is that you have someone stood right in front of you, with a planned workout, saving you the headache of having to plan your own workouts each and every day.

But… That doesn’t mean you can cruise the class in auto pilot, you need to make sure you’re working to a level that’s optimal for your fitness and your own heart rate. One workout doesn’t always fit everyone, even if it has been designed by fitness professional.

Whilst you’re working out as part of a group fitness class, you should be monitoring to see whether if the class is working for you and how much time you might need for recovery afterwards.

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Spice up your cardio workouts

While there’s no doubt that cardio workouts should be included in all our training plans, it can easily become one of the most dreaded sessions of the week. There’s something about running on the treadmill for an hour at the gym that’s not exactly appealing.

First of all you need to be clear on your objectives – what do you want to achieve? You can then start to shape workouts that are tailored to the results you’re striving towards. To keep your cardio sessions feeling fresh, try to introduce varied intervals which will keep it fun and focussed.

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Hold on to your fitness routine no matter what – even on the move!

Maintaining your fitness when you’re constantly on the go dashing around for meetings, meeting friends or away at weekends, it can be difficult to stay on track with workout schedule. 

As your plan your workouts for the week ahead, always try to be realistic and consider how busy your schedule is likely to be. When you build in exercise around your schedule, try and get creative with workouts you can do at any time and in any place.

For example, if you’re not going to have time to get to the gym for your usual weights session, try out a bodyweight workout with a higher number of reps.

Or if you’ve not going to be able to run your morning commute, you can try make up the step count by making simple swaps through your day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk through town instead of driving, get off the tube two stops earlier and walk home.

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