5 things you didn't know about collagen protein

Collagen protein is growing in popularity, but what is it and what's all the hype about?

Collagen makes up around 40% of protein in the human body

Did you know that there are over 28 kinds of collagen protein in the human body? Collagen is, in fact, our most abundant protein and makes up around 40% of protein in our body, contributing to every part of our body from head to toe.

Our collagen levels decline as we age

It is a protein source that our body makes itself, however the amount of collagen in our body decreases over time as it become harder for our body to create as we begin to age. From as early as our 20's, factors such as our UV exposure and excessive sugar consumption are thought to impact our ability to sustain collagen levels.

Collagen has a unique amino acid profile

Collagen protein is derived from animal sources which means it has a unique amino acid profile to other commonly consumed proteins. The amino acids profiles found in collagen are; glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. Unlike whey which contains BCAAs, these amino acids cannot be consumed through regular protein-rich foods such as fish, meat and dairy products.

Collagen has a range of health & wellness benefits

Collagen is a fibrous protein and is needed by your body to give strength and structure. There are many studies that link collagen to a range of health benefits that go beyond muscle recovery to include health & beauty, from healthier hair to stronger nails - it’s even thought to improve skin elasticity!


Perfect for growing lean muscle mass

Normally collagen has a much higher concentration of protein. This means that collagen-based protein supplements often have the same protein levels as other protein sources, such as whey, but often with a much lower calorie content. For example, our Protein+ Super Shot packs 25g protein into a pocket-sized bottle, and is fat-free, carb-free and dairy-free for only 101 calories!


Which protein source is right for me?

Having read this blog, you may be feeling confused as to which protein source is the right one for you and your nutritional goals. The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all formula, as it completely depends on your personal health & fitness goals. To ensure you’re supporting your body with a balanced amino acid profile, we’d recommend consuming collagen protein alongside other sources of protein that contain the essential BCAA profile our body needs.

If you’re a regular For Goodness Shakes drinker, then we’d recommend you try Protein+ Super Shot in addition to your regular milk based ready-to-drink shake for a consumption of a varied amino acid profile. Not to mention that it's so small you can fit all the macros you need in your pocket!

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