Chocolate & Raspberry Overnight Proats

If you’ve got 5 minutes to spare before you go to bed, overnight oats is a nutritious and rewarding breakfast to sustain your energy levels with slow releasing carbs throughout the morning. And what happens if you add some protein into the mix? You’ve got yourself a balanced breakfast that will not only maintain your energy levels, but keep you feeling full until lunchtime.

Lizzie Dale has collaborated with us to create this delicious chocolate and raspberry flavoured oats, which can have up to 26g protein and less than 350 cals! It’s a super sweet recipe, so perfect for killing those cravings as you start your day.


FGS Choc Chunk Protein & Oats Flapjack Bar
Plain yoghurt (fat free Fage Total yoghurt was used in the photo)
Chocolate caramel syrup
½ cup oats

To garnish:

Chocolate caramel syrup
Fresh raspberries
FGS Choc Chunk Protein & Oats Flapjack Bar


1) Combine the oats & yoghurt into a bowl (or jar)
2) Crumble some FGS Protein Flapjack into the mixture
3) Add a generous dose of chocolate caramel sauce and mix together
4) Leave the oats to set overnight
5) In the morning, crumble the remainder of the flapjack bar over the top of the oats
6) Add a handful of raspberries and drizzle with a final it of chocolate caramel sauce