Fatigue, muscle stiffness and soreness after sport are signs the body hasn’t recovered. Recover fast after sport and you’ll be ready to go again sooner. For Goodness Shakes’ unique formula helps you to re-energise, rebuild and re-hydrate.

Why you need to recover

Exercise stresses your body and encourages it to adapt and be better able to cope in the next session. To maximise this adaptation you need to make sure you rest and recover properly, and ultimately then perform better.

Who should use it

Energy replenishment is key when you’ve exercised for an hour or more. That could be cardio based activity such as cycling or running, or more intense interval exercise such as team sports like rugby or football, or HITT training in the gym.

When is best to drink?

Your metabolism stays lifted for at least 20-30 minutes after you’ve finished exercising, so make sure you drink your shake within this window.