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Why you need to recover

Muscle soreness and stiffness occur when you stress them (exercise) causing disruption to muscle fibres and inflamation. Lactic acid building up doesn’t help matters either. Muscles that are sore, tired and inflamed are in a weakened state and cannot perform at full power.

Why Recovery

Fatigue, muscle stiffness and soreness after sport are signs the body hasn’t recovered. Recover fast after sport and you’ll be ready to go again sooner. For Goodness Shakes’  unique formula helps you to: Energise, Rebuild, Hydrate.

Who should use it

Whilst we recognise that everyone is different; For Goodness Shakes was designed to deliver the right nutrition for after an hour of exercise involving mainly cardio activity, be that cycling, triathlon, running on a treadmill or road, swimming etc. It could
also double as a healthy snack on the go, being low-fat and nutritious.
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3:1 Carb:Pro
17g Protein
6g EAA
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When is best to drink?

Drink a bottle within 20 minutes after sport.  After a long or hard session drink another within 2 hours to maximise your recovery.