Ultimate Protein

A high protein diet is vital for lean muscle growth, and supplementing with For Goodness Shakes Protein shakes is a tasty and convenient method for helping you consume enough protein. Your muscles need a regular supply of amino acids from high quality protein sources such as milk protein which contains all the essential amino acids. This includes the BCAAs which make up a third of your lean muscle mass.

Why Protein?

A protein rich diet is essential for lean muscle growth and maintenance. Ideally you should feed your body regular throughout the day, including after training to maximise the effect of exercise.

After training

Following exercise your body is in an anabolic state, with your muscles requiring an influx of protein, rich in amino acids to promote protein synthesis and begin the recovery process. Immediately post-exercise is the best time to consume protein, with a protein shake being the ideal option due to its convenience and fast absorbing nature.

For Goodness Shakes Ultimate Protein contains 40g of high quality milk protein, including 8.5g of BCAAs and 8.8g of glutamine per bottle. It’s our lowest carbohydrate shake with only 10g of carbohydrate from milk per shake.

When to use?

Consume 30-60 minutes post workout. Can also be used as a protein supplement throughout the day.