Protein and Oats

When you’re looking to perform at your peak, starting the day right is crucial. First thing in the morning, you should be filling yourself with healthy, wholesome nutrition: quality protein, slow-releasing energy, complex carbs, vitamins and minerals to nourish and fuel your body. For Goodness Shakes Protein & Oats packs 20g of premium quality milk protein into this deliciously oat-enriched, fat-free shake which contains no added refined sugars.

Why Protein? Why Breakfast?

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With Protein & Oats we want to help you start the day strong. Each bottle is packed with 20g of protein power, boosted with oats that release energy slowly and has no added sugar.

When to use?

Ready when you are. The delicious, mild oaty taste means it’s ideal first thing in the morning when you may be more sensitive to sweetness, or as a filling protein top-up later in the day.