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Nectar Hydro

Why Hydro?

Nectar Hydro tablet added to water produce a delicious refreshing low-calorie electrolyte drink. Designed to taste as your body craves


Dehydration over 2% can lead to impaired performance, and if it reaches > 5% performance can be reduced by up to 30%.┬áThe body removes heat by sweating to regulate the body’s core temperature. The more you sweat, the more you dehydrate. And it isn’t just fluids that are

When to Use

Hydro is perfect for use during short or hot sessions. Or use it in combination with Nectar Fuel Cell (energy gel) to balance your energy & hydration for longer training and races. with a protein shake being the ideal option due to its convenience and fast absorbing nature.

For Goodness Shakes Protein contains 25g protein and 25g carbohydrate, a 1:1 ratio to enhance post-workout recovery. Together they are effective since boosting the rate of muscle glycogen re-synthesis, or replacing energy stores. Increasing the natural anabolic hormone insulin after training circulates the blood with glucose which helps to drive protein into the thirsty muscle cell and thus increasing protein absorption.

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How to use it?

Simply drop one tablet into 500-750ml of water

Nectar How to use it?

Mix to Taste

750ml = light 500ml = strong