As you exercise, your body’s core temperature will rise. Sweating is one way of your body regulating it’s temperature; the evaporation of water away from your skin helps to take heat energy away from it, keeping you cooler. However, when you are exercising for an hour or more you need to replace this fluid that’s lost. If you just drink water your body’s electrolyte levels will become imbalanced, making you feel fatigued, therefore it’s important to replace the electrolytes, particularly sodium, that’s lost as well as replacing the water.

Why Hydro?

For Goodness Shakes Hydro tabs contain 5-ion electrolytes; sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium and calcium, all of which are contained in sweat. Rehydrating with just water only further dilutes these levels, making you less likely to retain the water you are drinking. Some individuals loose more sodium in their sweat than others, termed “salty sweaters”. If you have salt marks on dark kit when you exercise or feel “crusty” on your face when exercising outdoors it is particularly important that you make sure you take on board fluid containing electrolytes.

When to use?

Consume before, during or after exercise to replenish your hydration levels. Aim for 500ml-1000ml per hour, depending on your sweat rate and the conditions you are exercising in. Warm sunny days or intense indoor sessions will cause you to have much higher sweat rates than exercising outdoors in the cold.

How to use?

Simply add one Hydro tab to 500-750ml water in your sports bottle, and allow it to dissolve. Each 20 tab tube makes up to 15 litres of drink.