Marathon Recovery

We meet so many of you who harbour goals of completing long distance endurance events such as marathons, triathlons and Tough Mudder events, very well done if you have managed to complete something such as this over the lasts few weeks, or indeed, have something coming up very soon! At FGS, we’ve complied this blog piece to show you just what is possible if you incorporate the ‘Bring on Tomorrow’ mentality and get some key things right!

All types of endurance sport have things in common, a major factor is that they put strain on the body over a sustained period: recovery is therefore vital. Luckily though, For Goodness Shakes has invested time and effort into producing the ideal formula to help everyone best recover from their workout in order to bring on tomorrow! The ‘Recovery’ shake is designed to be consumed in the ‘Recovery Window’ 20 minutes after a long or tough session. Recovery gives users added carbohydrate to replace energy stores used during training as well as 17g of protein which will help to repair and re-build muscles. The 3:1 carb to protein ratio is designed to fully optimise recovery and reduce muscle soreness. Combined with stretching and appropriate muscle care, the recovery shake is meticulously designed to combine a world class recovery formula with world class taste! It makes such a difference in the days after strenuous exertion, give it a go and bring on tomorrow! Doing all this can give the edge and help beat the post-marathon horror stories you can sometimes hear!